Jack Vance - The Asutra

The Asutra
Title The Asutra
cover art by Tais Teng
Code vde47
ISBN 978-1-61947-046-0
Published 2012
Price $ 5.99


Gastel Etzwane and his army of Brave Free Men have driven the Roguskhoi from Durdane, only to discover that Durdane is but one tiny front- a testing ground- for an implacable enemy intent on subjugating all the worlds of man. Gastel and his people are in no position to resist, but must find a way to escape a slave army, forced to fight a war that is not their own, and defeat the Asutra!

-Jack King


The Asutra is part 3 of 3 of Durdane

The land of Shant on the planet Durdane is ruled by a purposely anonymous dictator called the Anome or Faceless Man. He maintains control by virtue of the torc, a ring of explosive placed around the neck of every adult in Shant.

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