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Jack Vance

Jack Vance

- In Memory of Jack Vance -

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December 2nd, 2014 - Spatterlight YouTube channel

The Spatterlight YouTube channel just went live, dedicated to everything Jack Vance. We're adding more promo clips for the books in the coming weeks, and some other fun video material is in the making! Please go have a look, give thumbs up if you like it, leave comments, and subscribe for more!
Please visit The Spatterlight YouTube channel

September 1st, 2014 - Dying Earth RPG

Through the month of August, Spatterlight customers enjoyed something rather splendid – a free e-book version of the award-winning Dying Earth RPG from Pelgrane Press. The book is a game, but also a repository of locales, spells, characters and even recipes from The Dying Earth series of books. For more information please visit Pelgrane Press.

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Featured artist: Konstantin Korobov

Spatterlight Press is pleased to showcase the work of game designer Konstantin Korobov. In addition to splendid Fan Contributions, Konstantin has put together a new cover for The Anome, and has online portfolios here and here. We wish Konstantin great success!


We're proud to offer our very own highest quality Jack Vance e-books in our webshop. All of Jack Vance's novels, short stories and omnibuses are available in DRM-free e-book format.

VIE Sets

Reader’s and Deluxe versions of the peerless Vance Integral Edition are available for $4000 and $6000, delivered. Supply is limited, so contact us soon to secure your own set of these remarkable books.


A large quantity of Vance is available for non-English speakers at Afton House Books. If you're an Esperantist, check this out!

E-book Cover Art

Spatterlight Press is privileged to include exciting original art by Joel Anderson, Joe Bergeron, Dylan Carroll, Luigi Castellani, Howard Kistler, Menno van der Leden, Li-An, Konstantin Korobov, Ronald Marc, Jared Pullen, Paul Rhoads, David Russell, Jasper Schreurs, C. Michael Taylor, Tais Teng, Todd Tennant, and Koen Vyverman. If you'd like to see your work on our e-books as well, please contact us.

The Paul Allen Library Fund

Mr. Allen's gracious endowment allows us to provide VIE sets free of charge to select university libraries, for the lasting preservation and appreciation of Jack Vance's work. More than thirty institutions have benefitted from this program so far, and yours could be next. Ask your librarian to drop us a line.

Lend a Hand

Do you have talent to spare? We need help with PHOTO RESTORATION:

Vance family archives contain many wonderful unpublished pictures. Most of these need digital restoration to be presentable. If you have Photoshop skills and would like to help out, please get in touch. Be sure that we'll acknowledge your work with a healthy shout-out here on the site.

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